Say ‘I do’ to an all-inclusive package

BrideSaver is an all-inclusive reception package designed to simplify your life.

Having a BrideSaver wedding is like choosing to vacation at a poolside resort instead of trekking through the jungle lugging a heavy pack. It’s relaxing. It’s efficient. And it’s smart.

Brides should be pampered—we don’t want to see a single worry line on your lovely face. So no legwork for you. No tedious hours on the phone or the internet asking about prices for this, that, and the other. No doubts as to whether you really are getting good value. BrideSaver is the best wedding reception value around. It includes a fantastic gourmet dinner, the ideal wedding venue, great party music, elegant table settings, and more.

When you say “I do” to BrideSaver, you’re saying “yes” to more time for the seriously fun jobs, like shopping for that ooh-la-la dress and perfect shoes. Check out what’s included in the package and find out why it’s so easy to say “I do”.